Studying Ancient Japan in the Montessori Classroom

Japan is a beautiful country full of history and tradition. Our newest history set, Ancient Civilizations – Japan, extends over the past 14,000 years to take a look at the fascinating history of Japan. We cover famous people, places, and things that made up Ancient Japan.

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Continent Boxes Add Excitement to Geography

A few years ago, I spent some time putting together a box for each of the seven continents. As you can imagine, I used card materials from my Continent Kit Collection, but I also bought books, objects, and memorabilia to make each box special.

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What Are the Geography and Botany Charts All About?

Yesterday I debuted two new items at my store, the Geography Impressionistic Charts 6-9 and the Botany Impressionistic Charts. I’ve spent the past two months doing research, writing, and picture hunting to make these items and I’m very pleased with the results.

However, I realized that it might be helpful to talk about the charts, how they originated, the thought process behind them, and how they are used.

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History Doesn’t Have to Be Dull and Boring

Last week, I wrote about math. Later I realized that I’ve written about math many times – I even went back and linked to five previous math posts at the end of this most recent one. After a little thought, I was astonished to realize that I’ve never written about the study of history in […]

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