A Fantastic Deal on Our CD-ROM Collections

We’re hoping to help you upgrade to a CD!

Our CD-ROM Collections are the best way to get our materials – the PDFs are over 50% off what you pay when you buy them individually. As we brainstormed this spring, we thought of three ways to help families and schools get their hands on one of our CD-ROMs.

1. There’s a 25% discount in June on all three of our CD-ROM Collections for any first-time buyer. Just use the code “june” (without the quotes) in the discount code box when you checkout to get your discount. (Expires at the end of June!)

Please note: This discount is for CD-ROMs only, not PDFs individually or in a set.

2. If you’ve purchased a CD from us in the past, you can upgrade to the current CD by paying the difference between your purchase price and the current price. We can’t apply a discount to the difference, but since we don’t increase the CD price that frequently, you’ll still be getting an amazing deal.

Getting a new CD also means you get the most recent version of our older materials – we often add extras or improve them (like replacing clipart with photos) so it’s nice for that too.

If you take this option, please email us first at montessoriforeveryone@gmail.com – we’ll generate a custom discount code for you for the difference between your first purchase and the current CD price.

3. If you’ve purchased PDF files (either individually or as Package Deals) from us before, you can buy the CD and we will give you credit for your previous purchases, and then take 25% off the difference.

For example, if you’ve purchased $50 worth of PDFs from us and would like the Elementary CD, it would go like this:

Elementary CD $455.99
-previous PDFs -$50
Subtotal $405.99
– 25% discount
Total: $304

As in option #2, you’ll need to email us first at montessoriforeveryone@gmail.com so that we can figure out your discount and get you the right discount code.

Please let us know how we can help get a CD into your hands!