The Shape of Geometry in Montessori

As with many curricular areas, geometry in Montessori is quite different than it is in traditional education. Almost all of the study is hands-on, using wooden shapes and nomenclature cards to teach geometric concepts.

This is very important when it comes to geometry, as research shows that it takes children a long time to be able to picture shapes correctly in their minds, and even longer to be able to mentally “rotate” them. Working with them in a hands-on manner helps immensely.

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All About Montessori Math

Let’s talk math, shall we? I believe that Montessori math is just about the best thing going. Sure, there are lots of other educational methods that have wonderful ways of teaching language, science, history, art, and music, but for me the Montessori math materials are truly unique.

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Yes, Children Can Love Math!

First, a confession. I hated math when I was growing up. There are lots of reasons for this – boring math teachers, stultifying textbooks, and repetitive busywork would be among them. Not to mention that I enjoy subjects where the “right” answer can be any answer you can adequately defend, not one where the answers […]

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Using Stories to Teach Math Concepts

Anyone who knows me – even casually – knows that I love books. I mean, I really love books. Growing up, I was not a big fan of math. Luckily, the Montessori training changed all that, but I still like using storybooks to teach math concepts. I think they work really well in a classroom, and can provide a boost for children (like I was) who aren’t naturally gifted in math.

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Working Montessori Math into Homeschooling

The other day I received this question from a customer and I thought it was an interesting dilemma. Here’s what she said: “I have a question for you, and I wonder if you can help me out when you have some time. As you know, I am homeschooling my daughter. We use Montessori materials for […]

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