Montessori Method

Why Our World Needs Montessori

In today’s crowded world of power struggles and ego trips, the Montessori method serves as a guide to raising unselfish, self-regulated, caring human beings who are problem solvers and have the self confidence to lead successful lives by their own efforts, rather than at the expense of their fellow citizens.

The world needs Montessori!

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Happy Birthday, Maria Montessori!

August 31st is a special day for Montessorians all over the world – it the celebration of Maria Montessori’s birthday! Google chose to honor her on that day with a special “Google Doodle” made up of the familiar Montessori materials we know and love.

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Finding a Montessori School

A common question I hear frequently is “How can I find a Montessori school near me?”. I thought I’d put together all the resources I know about in one helpful post.

There are several ways to go about finding a Montessori school.

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Will My Child Do Well in Montessori?

People frequently ask me whether or not their child would do well in a Montessori setting. Many parents find out about the Montessori method and think it sounds like a great way of learning, but they are unsure as to whether it would work for their child.

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What Montessori Really Looks Like

I’m frequently asked these kinds of questions: Do children really do well in Montessori? What kinds of traits does a Montessori child develop? Is Montessori really a better way to learn?

I decided to ask for input, and posted this question on Facebook: “Parents, can you share some positive results you’ve seen in your child from being in Montessori?”

The answers were amazing!

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Finding Leaders for the Next Generation

Yesterday I was surfing the internet when I happened upon the website of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. If you’re not familiar with it, Bill Gates (founder of Microsoft) and his wife, Melinda, run a charitable foundation that funds projects all over the world, including those that combat poverty and disease.

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Why We Use Mixed Age Groups in Montessori

Because traditional schooling generally groups children of just one age together, mixed age groups is a striking difference between Montessori and traditional educational programs. There are pros and cons to the idea of mixed age groups, but I believe that the benefits definitely outweigh any possible negatives.

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The Neurology of Montessori

Those of us in Montessori education see the positive effects of Montessori on a daily basis. We watch as children’s fine motor skills are strengthened, their reasoning skills sharpened, and their independence encouraged through daily interaction with the prepared Montessori environment.

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What Kind of Reading Program Belongs in Montessori?

One question I’m frequently asked is, “What kind of reading program should Montessori classrooms be using?” The Montessori curriculum covers every imaginable topic, but there is no specific set of books that is firmly linked to the Montessori method. I’m going to look at a few different possibilities for reading programs in the Montessori classroom, […]

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Helping Children in Need

I sat down to write a blog post tonight, but before starting my post I surfed a little bit. As I glanced at CNN’s homepage, I saw a few headlines about Myanmar and thought I’d catch up on the most recent news about the cyclone survivors. Almost immediately, I found that tears were running down […]

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