When Children and Culture Collide: An Interview with P. Donohue Shortridge

P. Donohue Shortridge works with schools and families as a consultant, helping them implement Montessori ideals in their practice and in their lives. I thought it would be good to talk to her about the topic of children and culture, and she was kind enough to answer my questions. Let’s jump right in!

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Finding a Montessori School

A common question I hear frequently is “How can I find a Montessori school near me?”. I thought I’d put together all the resources I know about in one helpful post.

There are several ways to go about finding a Montessori school.

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9 Great Places to Find Educational Gifts for the Holidays

This is the time of year for gift-giving, and it’s not a surprise that I like to give my children educational gifts mixed in with the toys. The great thing is there are lots of fantastic places offering educational games, activities, books, kits, and crafts for every age group. Here are some of my favorites!

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Will My Child Do Well in Montessori?

People frequently ask me whether or not their child would do well in a Montessori setting. Many parents find out about the Montessori method and think it sounds like a great way of learning, but they are unsure as to whether it would work for their child.

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Is It Okay for Children to Think They’re Special?

“Oh sweetie, you’re so special.”

I found myself saying this to my 6-year-old daughter the other day and afterward, began to think about the implications of that statement.

This MSN Mental Health article warns us that the results of a 24-year-long survey of college students indicate a serious rise in a narcissistic approach to living.

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An Interview with a Montessori “Kid”

I am delighted to share with you a conversation I had recently with Andrea Coventry, a Montessori-child-turned-educator. She’s a writer as well, with lots of interesting articles to her credit.

I felt like talking to Andrea could help us, as parents and teachers, better understand how Montessori shapes a child’s mind, and what kind of adults our Montessori children will turn out to be.

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A Tribute to My Dad

My dad was raised on a farm outside Regina, Saskatchewan, by his German parents. While there was always food on the table, there was not much else. Everyone worked hard to make the farm successful. My grandparents were devout Christians, and raised their children to love and serve God.

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The Difference a Father Can Make

Fathers have it a bit rough when it comes to being involved in their children’s educations. It’s often the mother who drops kids off at school and picks them up, and many times the mother is the only one who attends the parent/teacher conference. Speaking generally, mothers are also more likely to help their children […]

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A Tribute to My Mom

Growing up, I always enjoyed Mother’s Day. My dad would buy a corsage for my mom, and we would take her out to lunch and shower her with cards and presents. I always looked forward to the day I would celebrate Mother’s Day as a mom. Then, after the loss of my stillborn daughter in […]

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Ten Ideas for Going Green

After generations of gas guzzling SUVs, prepackaged convenience items, and people using the earth as their personal dumping ground, many argue that that earth is now in a dire situation. It has recently even become trendy to become more environmentally conscious, a process deemed “going green.”

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