10 Reasons to Be Glad You Homeschool

I truly value all of my readers who have made the commitment to homeschool their children. This post is my greeting card of praise and encouragement to each of you!

1. Your child is spending the majority of her time with the people she loves best in the world – her family.

2. Your child knows that learning is something that happens all the time; in the yard, in the living room, in the kitchen. He doesn’t view learning as something that is set apart from the rest of life.

3. Your child will never have to fear school fights, bullies, or the shame of public grading.

4. Your child has the best role model in the world to follow and learn from – you! She will grow up to care about the things that are most important to your family.

5. Your child is getting to set his own learning pace, able to take his time or make huge strides as he is ready. His curriculum is created just for him.

Your child is learning that the teachings of the parent are best, because they are given with love.

7. Because you are creating your child’s learning environment, you get to present the very best to her while keeping out influences you do not feel will help her grow up to be a happy, confident adult.

8. You are setting an example for everyone you meet, telling the world that parents can give of themselves fully to their children.

9. You are having the unforgettable experience of watching your child learn and grow each day, right before your eyes. No report card needed to keep you up to date!

10. As a homeschooling parent, you are helping the environment by saving on all that gas you’d be burning to and from school. What a good lesson to be teaching the grownups of the future.

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