10 Reasons To Be Glad You’re a Montessori Teacher

Here’s the last in a series of posts celebrating all of you – the parents and teachers who devote your time and energy to making sure that the kids in your care receive the best education possible.

Montessori teachers, you spend countless hours preparing your classrooms, your presentations, and yourselves. The parents and children may never know how hard you work or how deeply you care, but be assured that your hard work does bring about amazing results. Here’s why you can be glad you’ve devoted your life to Montessori:

1. Learning how to present the math materials gave you new insight – you’d love to repeat junior high math class now!

2. Helping the children find answers to their questions means you know which planet orbits the sun on its side, exactly how candles are made, and where quartz falls on Moh’s hardness scale. You’re a Trivial Pursuit champ.

3. Living and breathing the Montessori method has changed who you are as a person – for the better.

4. The wonderful look on a child’s face when they enter a state of intense concentration. That’s when the magic happens.

5. Being able to purchase, arrange, and use the Montessori materials is a joy. They’re beautiful.

6. Working with kids keeps you young at heart (it’s true!)

7. You love the feeling of fulfillment that comes from helping to shape the next generation. Your job has meaning.

8. The “family” feel of having a multi-age classroom that is cooperative, sharing, and respectful.

9. That thrilling time in the spring when suddenly, the class doesn’t need you anymore. You’ve become obsolete because you empowered them to solve their own problems and get help from each other if needed.

10. Maria Montessori was right – children are truly miraculous beings. It’s a privilege to guide, love, and serve them.

Montessori teachers, I salute you!

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