75 Reasons to Have a Child

For years, it’s been a source of amusement for my family that when I was young, I didn’t like children or want to have children of my own. How little I knew about my future…

Of course, now I love kids (especially mine), so when I saw an article at a website about reasons not to have children, I quickly wrote up lots of reasons to have children. Enjoy!

75. The smell of a baby’s head. Yes, the rumors are true. It rocks.
74. Pudgy hands.
73. Chubby feet.
72. Tiny toes.
71. Buying cute outfits at Baby Gap.
70. For mom, the exhilaration of knowing that you’ve made it through labor and delivery—something your husband could never, ever do.
69. Guiding another human being towards independence.
68. Looking forward to the day when you and your child are truly friends.
67. For mom, getting flowers and gifts on Mother’s Day.
66. Being able to choose a name for someone else that they’ll use for the rest of their lives. Oh, the power.
65. The first smile.
64. Whipping photos out of your wallet and bragging about your kid may not make you popular, but it sure is fun.
63. The first “mama”.
62. The first “dada”.
61. Not having to answer, “When are you going to start a family?” from nosy aunts at family reunions.
60. Being able to live out unfulfilled dreams through your child (the fun of a Thomas the Tank Engine train table with all the accessories cannot be described, only experienced).
59. Finally being on the “parent” side of parent-teacher conferences. What do they talk about, anyway?
58. Seeing what you and your spouse’s features look like when combined.
57. The first hug.
56. The first steps.
55. Being perfectly justified in buying all the art supplies you’ve ever wanted. Finger paint, play dough, scented markers. Bring it on.
54. Seeing the world through the eyes of a child. They really are wide-eyed and innocent.
53. Baby’s first kick during pregnancy. It’s the neatest thing you’ll ever feel.
52. Letting other people feel the baby kick during pregnancy.
51. Pregnancy: the total, absolute freedom to eat anything, in any quantity, at any given time, without so much as a raised eyebrow from anyone in the vicinity. Luscious!
50. For mom, seeing a new side to your husband: being “daddy” brings out all the right things.
49. Instant ability to connect with any parent, anywhere. You both know exactly what the other is feeling.
48. First tooth.
47. First word.
46. Cuddling with your baby.
45. In the early years, being thought of as the smartest, strongest, bravest person alive.
44. Being able to commit to, and follow through with, the decision to not make all the mistakes your own parents did.
43. Knowing there’s someone to take care of you when you get old.
42. Rejoicing in all your child’s achievements: graduation, marriage, starting a website.
41. Being able to comfort your child when they’re down.
40. Knowing that your needs don’t have to be the first thing you consider when making a decision.
39. The fun of playing at the park with your child.
38. Getting to tell someone something they didn’t already know (Why is the sky blue?)
37. Helping with homework keeps your math and grammar skills sharp.
36. The first time your baby laughs.
35. You know how when a baby starts crying, you can hand it to his/her parent and it stops? It’s neat to be that person.
34. After years of being a “couple”, finally becoming a family.
33. Being a parent doesn’t make you realize you’re selfish; it cures you of your selfishness.
32. The pride you feel the first time your toddler scribbles with a crayon.
31. Seeing your parents as grandparents enriches your relationship with them.
30. The opportunity to observe, firsthand, the incredible stages of development unfold during the first five years. It’s like having a Piaget workshop in your very own home.
29. Vowing to dress your child normally, unlike your own mom who made you wear polyester.
28. Reading your child all the books you loved as a child (starting with Pat the Bunny and ending with the Lord of the Rings trilogy).
27. While not abusing this power, the opportunity to say “Because I said so” every once in awhile. And having that be the last word.
26. Taking your child to all the places you’ve been (your favorite countries, cities, and landmarks).
25. Someday, your child will probably give you grandchildren. According to grandparents, they’re even better than your own children.
24. The first cry in the delivery room. You feel like your heart will explode with excitement and love.
23. Watching in amazement as your child learns to read.
22. Easily explaining those stubborn, extra 20 pounds as pregnancy weight you just haven’t shed yet (both dads and moms can use this excuse).
21. Decorating with the help of Pottery Barn Kids—making sure your child’s room is the coolest ever.
20. That moment when your child picks your face out of a crowd and runs toward you with arms outstretched.
19. When you tuck your child into bed, and then hear the crash of thunder outside. Right then, you know that you have the power to keep another human being safe from harm. It’s a rush.
18. For a husband, having your respect for your wife quadruple after watching her give birth.
17. Giving and receiving unconditional love.
16. Teaching your children what you believe about God.
15. They love your singing voice no matter what it sounds like.
14. For dads — receiving Father’s Day presents (even the ubiquitous tie).
13. The joy of baby’s first Thanksgiving/Christmas/Hanukkah.
12. Sparkly eyes.
11. Pudgy knees.
10. Tickle fests.
9. Finally being able to understand some of the decisions your parents made when you were a child.
8. The pleasure of watching your baby fall asleep in your arms, then kissing baby’s chubby cheeks.
7. Teaching your child all the things you’ve learned throughout your life — not letting that hard-earned knowledge go to waste.
6. Silky baby curls.
5. Claiming your child as a dependent on your tax return.
4. Bath time! Bath toys! ‘Nuff said.
3. Dimples at the base of every pudgy finger.
2. Insuring that your genes will carry on to future generations.
1. Making sure your child is educated using the Montessori method!