Children Can Draw and So Can You

I've written about arts and crafts many times; it's a favorite subject of mine, and has always been a focus in every classroom I've had (at schools and at home). I've always made sure that children have plenty of time for art, as well as all the art supplies they might want: paint, colored pencils, clay, markers, and plenty of paper. One area that's always scared me, though, is that of drawing or sketching. It's not my strong suit, yet it's something that I want my children to know how to do. That's why I was so excited when I picked up a copy of Drawing with Children by Mona Brookes.

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Our Home Classroom Part 1: The Art Area

As many of you know, this past fall my husband and our two children and I moved to a new house. We had lived in our previous house for 10 years, and while it was a lovely house, we felt that with homeschooling and a home-based business, we needed more room. One thing we were looking for was a basement that could be a combination classroom/playroom for the children. The house we chose not only had a spacious basement, but it was a walkout with sliding glass doors leading to our backyard and a large picture window (lots of natural light!)

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