Designing a Montessori Classroom

The wide range of glorious Montessori materials is one of the best things about the Montessori method, but putting it all together in a classroom so that everything is neatly arranged (and easy to find) is a challenge.

I often get questions from both parents and teachers on how to arrange a classroom, and I’ve blogged about it quite a bit, but the posts are spread around so I’m going to bring them together in one giant post.

Q. What do I need in my classroom?

Essentials of a Toddler Classroom
Essentials of a 3-6 Classroom
Essentials of a 6-9 Classroom
I don’t have a list for 9-12 but if someone does, email me at and I’ll add it to the blog 🙂

Q. How do I arrange the shelves?

The Underlying Organization of a Montessori Classroom

Q. How do I arrange the materials?

Organizing Your Montessori Materials
Tricks and Tips for the Montessori Classroom
Using Multi-Drawer Cabinets to Organize Materials

Q. Questions to Ask When Looking Over Your Classroom

A Little Bit of Thought Goes a Long Way

Q. How can I fit a Montessori classroom area into my home?

My Homeschool Classroom
Our Home Classroom Part 1: The Art Area

Q. How do I organize my Montessori stuff behind the scenes?

My Montessori Closet
Using Carts to Organize Materials

I know that many of you have pictures on your blogs of your classrooms (school or home or both). Please put links in the comments so everyone can see! The more ideas the better.

Here’s to lovely, organized classrooms!