Helpful Foreign Language Resources

Foreign Language Update: So much has changed since I wrote this post! Today, I recommend free apps as the very best way to learn a foreign language – much better than nomenclature cards, workbooks, or other old-style resources. My family’s two favorites are Duolingo and Memrise, but there might be other ones out there! They are fantastic!

Computer Games & Software:

Rosetta Stone – software available for learning more than 30 languages

CDs & DVDs

Rock n Learn – Spanish and French CDs and DVDs teach through music and video

Muzzy – this highly-regarded language course from the BBC is available for Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, French, German, Italian, and English (ESL). Includes workbooks, DVDs, and computer games

Cedarmont Kids – Action Bible Songs in Spanish

LinguaFun – card games with CDs in Spanish, German, Italian, and French

Books & Curriculums:

TPRS – workshops and curriculums for teaching French, Spanish, German, Japanese, and Russian. Used successfully in Montessori classrooms. Emphasizes reading and story-telling as a way to successfully learn foreign language

Children’s Books

There are literally thousands of popular children’s books available in Spanish and other languages. You can go to places like,, and and search for “spanish books kids” or “french books kids”, for example, to find titles.

Many of those can be purchased secondhand at low prices, and you can also check books out of your local library. Scholastic Books usually offers foreign language books in their monthly order forms.

Montessori Materials:

Chinese Materials from Montessori for Everyone

Spanish Materials from Montessori for Everyone

French Materials from Montessori for Everyone

Russian Materials from Montessori for Everyone

My Montessori House – Chinese materials, including printable cards, books, and interactive lessons

Maitri Learning – 3-part cards and booklets for French and Spanish


Spanish Post-it notes – easy to put around the classroom or home to help kids learn words for everyday objects

Enchanted Learning – free and paid printables for German, French, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, and Swedish. Do a search of the site or use the categories on the left