A New Homeschooling Article!

As many of you know, I homeschool my children using Montessori. A little while ago, I was approached by Sharon Caldwell, a representative in South Africa for The Montessori Foundation (and one of my longtime customers!), to write an article about Montessori and homeschooling for one of their publications.

I jumped at the chance, and even though I’ve written much about Montessori and homeschooling already, this time I approached it in a new way.

I decided to examine the blossoming Montessori/homeschooling movement and analyze whether or not it’s a trend or something more permanent.

While researching this article, I learned a lot and really enjoyed talking to some Montessori homeschooling parents to find out why they chose Montessori and how they use it in their home.

Without further ado: Montessori and Homeschooling – Here to Stay?