Montessori Basics 3: Ultimate Guide to Montessori Materials & Links

My favorite “Montessori Basics” post so far – I think this could be very helpful. I’ve done variations of it before, but this one is definitely the most comprehensive. I’m delighted to say that for every website listed here, I have either used their materials or know them personally (or both), so I’m confident in the quality of the materials and/or information that they provide. As always, let me know if any of the links are outdated.

Montessori Wooden Materials:

Alison’s Montessori
Materials Company of Boston
MindSet Learning Tools

Montessori Printed Materials & PDFs:

Montessori for Everyone
Montessori 123

Montessori Practical Life & Sensorial Materials:

Montessori Services
Michael Olaf

Montessori Videos:

My Montessori House – Phonics Videos

Online Lessons & Presentations:

Montessori World Educational Institute

Free Downloadable Materials:

Montessori for Everyone
Enchanted Learning
American Montessori Society
Association Montessori Internationale