Montessori Basics 6: Essentials of a 6-9 Classroom

Ah, the Montessori 6-9 classroom! One of my favorite places in the whole world. Here’s a look a the essential materials that every Montessori elementary classroom should have.

Please note: Items with links are materials we offer in PDF format; items without links are wooden materials or manipulatives that can be purchased from Montessori Services or Alison’s Montessori.

Essential General Equipment:
1. Sturdy table or open floor where work can be done
2. Shelves for holding the work
3. Work rug and a table mat (placemat)
4. Clipboard, writing paper, and sharpened pencils
5. Plants or artwork for the school area
6. A pet for the child(ren) to take care of

Essentials for Language:
1. Pink, Blue, & Green Series
2. Word Study Card Sets
3. Movable Alphabet
4. Grammar & Punctuation Materials
5. Age-appropriate books of all kinds (your local library is a great resource!)

Essentials for Math:
1. Strip Boards and Equations – Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division
2. Large and Small Decimal Number Cards
3. Math Symbols: <, >, +, -, x, ÷
4. Decanomial Box of Bead Bars
5. Checkerboard
6. Small Bead Frame

Essentials for Geometry:
1. Geometry Nomenclature Cards 6-9 (Geometry Folders)
2. Geometric Solids
3. Constructive Triangle boxes
4. Geometry Cabinet
5. Geometric Stick Box

Essentials for Botany & Zoology:
1. Living/Non-Living Cards
2. Zoology Nomenclature Cards – all vertebrates and invertebrates
3. Botany Nomenclature Cards – plant, flower, root, seed, fruit, leaf, stem
4. Botany Impressionistic Charts & Experiments
5. Characteristics of Vertebrates Cards
6. “Types of…” Cards for all Botany & Zoology categories
7. Plant Kingdom Charts and Nomenclature Cards
8. Animal Kingdom Charts and Nomenclature Cards

Essentials for History & Geography:
1. Land & Water Form Work (drawings, photos, advanced)
2. Globe & large world map
3. Maps and Card Materials for all the continents
4. Parts of the Earth, Mountain, River, Volcano, and Flag
5. Geography Impressionistic Charts 6-9
6. Fundamental Needs Chart & Cards

Essentials for Art & Music:
1. Cards for study of art and artists
2. Cards for study of types of instruments and musical symbols
3. Musical instruments (and lessons for an instrument)
4. Art supplies of all kinds

Essentials for Research:
1. Access to a library
2. Access to a computer (with a child-safe program installed and adult supervision)
3. Books for research; see this post: Recommended Books for the Elementary Classroom
4. Research Guides

Essential Teacher Tools:
Comprehensive List for 6-9
Elementary Albums (Manuals)
Elementary Workplans