Music in Montessori 7: Music Series Round-up

This music series has been delightful! Can you believe that I initially thought I could cover music in Montessori in just one post? I should know better by now.

I thought it would be helpful to put all the music links in once place; here you’ll find all the resources I’ve mentioned in the past six posts, as well as some new links. Take a look around!

Montessori for Everyone Music Series:

Music in Montessori 1: What are the Benefits?
Music in Montessori 2: Rhythm Activities
Music in Montessori 3: Learning About Pitch
Music in Montessori 4: Musical Instruments and the Symphony Orchestra
Music in Montessori 5: Music Theory
Music in Montessori 6: Movement and Drama


Montessori by Hand (audio files of songs for kids)


Music Nomenclature Cards from Montessori for Everyone
Printable Music Cards from Montessori Materials (free site)
Enchanted Learning Music Crafts
Putamayo Kids – World Music CDs
Square Dancing Made Easy CD


Songs for Teaching
Simple Rhythm Activities for Kids
Montessori Bells
Music Theory Website

Books & Flashcards:

101 Rhythm Instrument Activities for Young Children
Beginning Songbooks for Recorder
Music Flashcards

Online Stores:

Montessori Services – Music & Movement Materials