My Montessori Closet

Well, folks, here it is! After this, I have no secrets (well, maybe a few). When we bought this house 8 years ago, one thing I really liked was that someone had thoughtfully put a closet under our staircase that leads upstairs. In a house with a basement, this would probably be the staircase leading to the basement. But, we don’t have a basement, so a closet it is.

I’ve maxed out every inch of this closet by putting two bookshelves in it (with extra shelves added, too). You’ll see my other wheeled cabinet, plus lots of boxes and bins with Montessori stuff in them. I have one bin just for containers (bowls, pitchers), one for implements (spoons, scoops, tongs, etc.), one for teaching supplies (tape, velcro, etc.) The photo boxes have matching cards, 3-part cards, word study cards, and other card materials.

This picture is the closet from the front:

Here’s the larger bookshelf that’s on the side:

On the third shelf down, you’ll see 5 red parachutes still packaged. They were on sale at Target – what was a girl supposed to do? I am trying to get out of the habit of buying EVERY single cute cup, bowl, miniature object, and such that I see. Still, it’s hard to resist especially since I have a dream (as many of us do) of having a Montessori school someday.

I also have two accordion file folders in my bedroom closet filled with elementary materials that are full-page sized; two bins in my attic with extra containers and baskets; and two art carry cases with large posters and charts, and one full size bookshelf in my daughter’s room filled with children’s books, juvenile literature, and reference books. But that’s it, I promise! Oh, and what’s out on the shelves in our living room, front hallway, and family room…okay, I guess I have a lot of Montessori stuff. But the neat thing is that I’ve accumulated this stuff over many years, buying a few small things here and there.

I hope this gives you some ideas for your own “behind the scenes” organization. Next time: introducing my brand new webstore!