My New Store is Here!

Hello, everyone! After a little bit of an absence, I am back. During the past three months, my incredible web designer, David, and I have been hard at work designing a new store that keeps the best parts of Montessori for Everyone but with an updated look and more features to make it easier for all of you (and me) to use.

David has done most of the work, but he’s kindly listened to all of my requests so that the final design is a true collaboration, and is more beautiful than I ever even imagined.


We’ve rearranged the categories, breaking many of the major categories into subcategories. This has allowed me more flexibility in listing the items, and hopefully will make things easier to find. As always, there’s a search box at the top right so that you can search for items by keyword.


The biggest changes are at my blog. The blog categories have also been expanded and rearranged, and now there’s a blog search box (separate from the store items search box) so you can look for posts both ways. If you’re searching for a phrase, using quotes (“”) around the phrase will help you find the post you’re looking for more quickly.

Spanish Materials

I’ve added a new category to my store: Spanish. I am really excited to offer these materials. Made with the help of a native Spanish speaker, they cover beginning vocabulary, grammar, and more. I will be adding a few new Spanish items every month.

New Botany Materials

I also have three new Botany items this month: Types of Herbs, Types of Fruit – Beginning, and Types of Fruit – Advanced. Each one features spectacular pictures as well as helpful information to use when presenting the materials. Look for more new Botany materials soon!

Free Downloads

As always, we are delighted to offer over 130 high quality free downloads; you can find them here: Free Downloads.

Help Us Out!

As with any site launch, there might be things you can’t figure out, links that don’t lead to the right place (or nowhere at all), or other issues or suggestions. I would really appreciate you letting me know if you see anything like that; you can email me at:

I’ve been wanting to update my site for a long time, but even in my wildest dreams, I never could have imagined it looking so beautiful. Re-doing my site was pretty complicated and time-consuming, but totally worth it. I hope you all agree!