New Materials by Month

This is a list of all the new materials we made, by month, starting in February 2008. Our current CD-ROM Collections contain all of these materials already. This list is for anyone who purchased a CD at some point and would like to see what new materials have been made since that time.

If you purchased a CD-ROM and would like the new materials that have been made since then, please use the 50% off discount code that you received when you made your purchase to buy the items through our store.

February 2008
Homonym Matching
Masculine & Feminine Matching
Plant Kingdom Nomenclature Cards

March 2008
No new materials

April 2008
Animal Kingdom Nomenclature Cards
Parts of an Annelid
Punctuation Nomenclature
Types of Invertebrates

May 2008
Advanced Land & Water Forms 1, 2, 3
Comprehensive List for Toddlers
Parts of an Arthropod
Land & Water Forms – Photos

June 2008
Fundamental Needs Nomenclature
Pink Series Word Cards
Blue Series Word Cards
Green Series Word Cards
Alphabetizing Sets

July 2008
Six Kingdom Nomenclature
Grammar Cards Set
Knobbed Cylinder Cards
Knobless Cylinder Cards
Knobless Cylinder Extensions

August 2008
Geometry Cabinet Cards
Parts of an Echinoderm
Grammar Sentences

September 2008
Checkerboard Squares
Animal Stories Set 1
Animal Stories Set 2

October 2008
Vertebrate Sorting
Blue Series Pictures & Words
Green Series Pictures & Words
Initial Consonant Sound Cards

November 2008
No new materials

December 2008
Types of Herbs
Types of Fruit – Beginning
Types of Fruit – Advanced

January 2009
Types of Stems
Types of World Instruments

February 2009
Types of Seeds
Types of Roots

March 2009
Types of Trees
Famous Artists – Monet
Famous Artists – Renoir

April 2009
Initial Vowel Sounds
Famous Artists – Gauguin
Famous Artists – Rembrandt
Famous Artists – Cassatt

May 2009
Geography Charts and Experiments 6-9
Botany Impressionistic Charts and Experiments

June 2009
Characteristics of Vertebrates
Forces Set 1 – Classical Physics
Geometry Cabinet Charts
Famous Artists – Degas
Famous Artists – Van Gogh
Famous Artists – Manet

July 2009
Fundamental Needs Card Sets
Patterns in Nature

August 2009
Plant Stories Set 1
Plant Stories Set 2
Types of Grains

September 2009
Pink Series Word Lists
Blue Series Word Lists
Green Series Word Lists

October 2009
Spanish Vertebrate Nomenclature Cards

December 2009
Water Cycle Set

January 2010
French Files
Parts of a Bicycle
Parts of a Sailboat

February 2010
Geometry Folders Set
Carnivores, Herbivores, and Omnivores
Parts of a Car

March 2010
Spanish – Botany Nomenclature Card Set
Parts of an Airplane

April 2010
Parts of a Train
Congruent, Similar, Equivalent Shapes

May 2010
Parts of a Tooth
French Botany Nomenclature Set
Chinese Files

June 2010
Forces Set 2 – Electromagnetism
Parts of an Eye
Parts of a Square
Russian Files

July 2010
Geography Impressionistic Chart Set 9-12

August 2010
Ancient Civilizations – Egypt
Famous Artists – Georgia O’Keeffe
Plants We Eat

September 2010
Ancient Civilizations – Rome
Art & Music Research Guides
Types of Coastlines Cards

October 2010
No new materials

November 2010
Ancient Civilizations – China
Animals of the World Cards
Parts of an Ear
Types of Islands & Reefs

December 2010
Ancient Civilizations – Aztec
Types of Biomes Cards

January 2011
No new materials

February 2011
Ancient Civilizations – Greece
Advanced Living and Non-Living Set

March 2011
No new materials

April 2011
Biome Research Guides – Set 3
Famous Artists – Matisse

May 2011
No new materials

June 2011
No new materials

July 2011
Ancient Civilizations – Japan
Famous Artists – Hokusai
Monocot & Dicot Sorting
Parts of a Triangle

August – September 2011
No new materials

October 2011
Forces Set 3 – Modern Physics

November 2011
No new materials

December 2011
States of Matter Sorting
Plant Life Cycles Sorting
Holidays Around the World

January 2012
No new materials

February 2012
Natural Science 6-9 Album – Botany and Zoology
Animals & Biomes Matching Cards

March 2012
Deciduous & Evergreen Sorting Cards

April – December 2012
No new materials

January 2013
Baby Animal Matching Cards
Simple & Compound Leaf Matching
Ancient Civilizations – Mesopotamia

February 2013 – June 2014
No new materials

July 2014
Types of Gemstones and Minerals
Types of Rocks Sorting Cards
Woody and Herbaceous Stem Sorting

August 2014
Nocturnal, Diurnal, and Crepuscular Sorting
Stories of the Months of the Year
Stories of the Days of the Week

September 2014 – October 2014
No new materials

November 2014
Ancient Civilizations – Vikings
Types of Shells Sorting
Famous Artists – Chagall
Famous Artists – Miro

December 2014 – February 2015
No new materials

March 2015
Geometry 6-9 Album
Detective Adjective Command Cards

April 2015 – Present
No new materials