A Closer Look at Our International Versions

Many of our customers hail from other countries, and we are so glad to have you! Because there are certain variations in spelling, we offer what we call our “UK Versions” to anyone who uses these alternate spellings or terms. We use “UK” because it’s short and easy, but other countries that also would use these versions include Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and South Africa. parts_of_car_UK2

The terms which are different include: “colour” instead of “color”, “grey” instead of “gray”, “mollusc” instead of “mollusk”, “autumn” instead of “fall”, “boot” instead of “trunk” and “bonnet” instead of “hood”, and Five Kingdom classification instead of Six Kingdom. Other than changing the words or terms, the materials are the same as our US versions.

For our Collections, there is no need to specify for the UK Versions. All of the appropriate alternate versions are already in each Collection.

All of the items below are listed separately at our store, so please make sure you choose the correct item when buying. Do not buy the American version unless that’s the version you’d like.

Here are all of our UK Versions:

Animal Kingdom Charts UK
Animal Kingdom Nomenclature UK
Colour Sorting
Colour Wheel Chart & Masters
Colour Nomenclature Cards & Chart
Colour and Number Sight Words
Colour and Number Words – Spanish
Five Kingdom Charts
Five Kingdom Nomenclature
Invertebrates Card Set UK – only “Mollusc” is different from the US Invertebrates Set
Parts of a Car UK
Parts of a Mollusc
Pre-Reading Set UK – only “Colour Sorting” is different from the US Pre-Reading Set
Seasons Matching UK
Transportation Set UK – only “Parts of a Car” is different from the US Transportation Set
Types of Invertebrates UK