Taking a Closer Look at 9-12 Materials

The materials in my store span the ages of 2-12, but sometimes teachers and parents are interested in only the 9-12 materials. I’m sometimes asked if I sell these items as a kit or a collection. At this time, we do not offer that. Some of them can be purchased as discounted Package Deals, and many people who teach 9-12 like our Elementary Collection, since there is quite a bit of overlap between the 6-9 and 9-12 materials.

So, here’s a helpful list of everything I sell that can be used in 9-12:

Art & Music Files
All of the Famous Artists files
Types of Musical Instruments
Types of Musical Terms – Beginning
Types of Musical Terms – Advanced
Types of World Instruments

Astronomy Files
All About Astronomy Posters
Astronomy Concepts Nomenclature
Parts of the Sun
Phases of the Moon
Solar System Nomenclature

Biology Files
Six Kingdom Charts
Six Kingdom Nomenclature

Botany Files
Botany Impressionistic Charts
Plant Kingdom Charts
Plant Kingdom Nomenclature
Types of Flowers
Types of Fruit – Beginning
Types of Fruit – Advanced
Types of Leaves – Shape
Types of Leaves – Species
Types of Roots
Types of Seeds
Types of Stems
Types of Vegetables

Continent & Country Kits
Africa Studies Kit
Antarctica Studies Kit
Asia Studies Kit
Australasia Studies Kit
Canada Studies Kit
Europe Studies Kit
North & Central America Kit
South America Studies Kit
United States Studies Kit
World Map Studies Kit

Comprehensive List
Comprehensive List for 9-12

Geography Files
Advanced Land & Water Forms Set 1
Advanced Land & Water Forms Set 2
Advanced Land & Water Forms Set 3
Geography Impressionistic Charts 9-12
Land/Water Forms Command Cards
Types of Biomes
Types of Islands & Reefs
Types of Coastlines
Types of Clouds
Types of Snow
Types of Weather

Geometry Files
Story of Geometry

History Files
Advanced Studies Command Cards
Clock of Eras
Fundamental Needs Charts
Fundamental Needs Nomenclature
Historic Figures Sets
All Ancient Civilizations files

Language Arts Files
Creative Writing Cards
Poetry Kit
Advanced Spelling Cards

Grammar & Punctuation
Grammar Cards Set
Grammar Charts & Symbols
Grammar Sentences
Punctuation Nomenclature
Reading Analysis Set 2

Math Word Problems and Equations
Advanced Math Equations
Advanced Math Studies Cards
Advanced Math Word Problems Set 2
Binomial Cube Set
Trinomial Cube Set

Physical Science
Forces Set 1 – Classical Physics
Forces Set 2 – Electromagnetism
Forces Set 3 – Modern Physics
Parts of an Atom
Simple Machines Posters
Simple Machines Matching Cards

Research Guides
Art & Music Research Guides
Astronomy Research Guides
Biome Research Guides Set 1 & 2
Geography Research Guides
Geographic Features Guides
History Research Guides
Plant & Animal Research Guides

Foreign Language Files

Zoology Files
Animal Kingdom Charts
Animal Kingdom Nomenclature
Types of Amphibians
Types of Birds
Types of Fish
Types of Invertebrates
Types of Mammals
Types of Reptiles
Vertebrate/Invertebrate Sorting