The Best Change of All

I know you haven’t seen a lot of me lately, but I’m still around. This move has been a huge effort and things are calming down. Soon, I will have more time to put into blogging and making new materials…but not just because the move is almost over.

For several years, my husband, Bruce, and I have talked about him quitting his job in the corporate world and joining me full time with Montessori for Everyone. There’s so much more that could be done with MFE, but with me also homeschooling it’s hard to expand the business.

Our new house has an office (one of the many things we love about it!) and as I was sitting in the office last week contemplating Bruce’s longer commute (1 hr. and 20 minutes each way into downtown Chicago), I decided that now was the right time for him to work with me full time. Having an office means we would have a lot more room than we did at our previous house, and we could swap office time/kid time so that we’d each be able to get more done.

I mentioned it to him that evening, and to my surprise he had been thinking the same thing. The next day, he went in to his job and gave notice. He’ll be leaving at the beginning of November, and then Montessori for Everyone will officially be “our” business, not just mine!

I am very excited for this new development. Shouldering all of the childcare, homeschooling, housekeeping, and running of a business has been a lot (probably too much) for me to handle especially the past two years or so as my business has grown so much. Now I do not have to “go it alone”.

Moving to one income will be a bit of a challenge (although I have been the primary breadwinner for the past two years), but we are looking hard at our budget and we’ll make it work. The benefits are enormous: more time for him to be with the kids, a lighter burden for me, and more “stuff” from Montessori for Everyone. We all win!

Thanks for being patient during our move; I appreciate your supportive comments and encouragement so much. I look forward to even greater things for MFE in the years to come!