Top Ten Reasons to Be Glad You’ve Chosen Montessori for Your Child

This post is dedicated to all my wonderful readers and customers who’ve taken the leap and chosen to send their child(ren) to a Montessori school. This can mean making sacrifices to afford the tuition, fielding frequent questions from skeptical family members, and driving past the public school that’s much closer to home…but you know your child is benefiting from your commitment. I salute you!

1) My child’s learning environment is based upon a choice I’ve made, rather than basing their education on what everyone else does. I love the power of having a choice!

2) I get to meet other parents who place their child’s happiness as a top priority in life.

3) My life truly changed for the better the day I first heard about Montessori. It’s the very thing I was looking for to encourage my child’s curiosity, love of learning, and zest for life.

Montessori isn’t just about the education of children. It gives the adult a whole new outlook on the history and path of humankind.

5) Montessori has given my family a healthy base for building a family system that hinges on respect, courtesy and mutual responsibility for keeping our home inviting, clean and pleasant.

6) I enjoy getting to “Montessori-ify” our house by purchasing child-size cooking and cleaning implements, making toys neat and accessible on low shelves, and providing engaging activities instead of endless television shows.

7) I love that our family is setting an example for our neighbors and loved ones. It’s fun to answer questions about why we’ve chosen Montessori and if this leads to other people checking out a Montessori school for their children, I feel really thrilled.

8) My child’s teachers view my child as a miraculous, intelligent being worthy of respect, rather than just a name or number. They do not seek to keep the children quiet and still, but to give them constructive activities that engage their minds and bodies.

9) I love the fact that the Montessori emphasis on individualism combats the messages of conformity and materialism that are all too prevalent in our world today.

10) The staff at my child’s school believes that parents are the first and primary educators of the child. They are quick to offer a word of encouragement or a helpful suggestion, and do a great job of keeping me up-to-date on my child’s progress.

Coming soon: Last, but certainly not least, a tribute to the wonderful people who have chosen Montessori as a career – Montessori teachers, you deserve to be honored too!