All About Math Bingo Games

One of my astute readers from South Africa, Lesley, emailed me the other day with a question about the elementary workplans. In them, I mention Bingo Games under “Math”, but I don’t explain what they are. I sometimes forget that the names of materials may differ from training center to training center (or country to country).

So, a quick recap of Math Bingo Games!

Bingo Game A:

Give the children the blank chart with empty spaces, as well as the answer tiles for that chart. Select an equation from the equation box, say it, and find the answer tile. Have them use their fingers to find the correct space on the chart, and put the answer tile down. Keep going until all the spaces are filled.

If the child is unsure of an answer, have them use the control chart to check.

Bingo Game B:

In this game, the child uses only the blank chart and the answer tiles. They need to pick up an answer tile and think of an equation for it (for example, if they pick up “7” while doing addition, their equation could be “3 + 4”. Then they put the answer tile in the correct space on the chart.

Bingo Game C:

For this game, the child sorts the answer tiles into piles. For instance, all the “11”s would be together, all the “12”s, etc. That way, the child can see how many equations they’ll have to know for each answer. They still think of the equations and put the tiles down like in Bingo Game B.